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Concept Art
Finished Render

Arkouda was used as a part of a promotional campaign for their fresh NFT's. They have a massive Instagram  following of nearly 50K.

Project Credits


PixelPlus Media LLC
Year: 2021
Industry: NFT Cryptoart
Location: Global

What we did

Concept Design
3D Modelling



Our purpose was to create the land of Arkouda - home to the four groups of inhabitants in the Crypto Bear Watch Club universe. We started with a concept sketch and on approval proceeded with creating a 3D model in Houdini and finished it off with texturing and rendering.

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Production Process

The requirement from the client was for a series of floating islands surrounding a volcano. Each set of floating islands had their own personality - futuristic city, jungle with ancient ruins, a valley and a range with a canyon. Our concept sketch went through a few stages of evolution to create the final image which is being used in the client’s website and social media.

Forest Island Concept Art
Finished Render
Range Island Concept Art
Finished Render
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