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Co-POWeR 2D Animation

We had a very rewarding experience working with the Co-POWeR team to create a 2D animation that illustrates the difficulties faced by the BAME community during the pandemic. The video is targeted towards a younger audience as well as the general public using simple 2D animation.

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Project Credits


Year: 2022
Industry: Research and Innovation
Location: UK

What we did



2D Animation

Sound design

Production Process

Our team  worked closely with the Co-POWeR team to create a video that is both informative and engaging. We wanted to create an easy-to-digest way of presenting the difficulties faced by the BAME community during the pandemic.

2D illustration of man
3D animation of flower
3D Illustration
Storyboard snippet
Storyboard for 2d animation
Story of Kaif
Story of Ama

The film was premiered at an interactive workshop entitled 'Co-POWeR: Exposing the Hidden Stories of the Pandemic' as part of The 2022 Festival of Social Science. 

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