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Project Credits


Steel Statica Pvt Ltd
Year: 2021
Industry: Architecture /Construction
Location: India

What we did

Marketing Collaterals
3D Design

Website Design



We love good Brand Design, it gives us a sense of peace. So we jumped at the opportunity to create the brand identity for Steel Statica Pvt Ltd. This includes the logo, business cards, letterhead and all the other marketing collateral you can think of! The process is usually long drawn but we refer to the client’s vision every step of the way.

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Our Process

We were approached by Steel Statica to create their brand identity. We started by creating the logo that represents the structure of a steel bracket. It has a blue-gray color, much like steel. The red dot represents equilibrium or the center of the structure. The logo also contains the letters ‘S’ and ‘S’ from the company name. Based on the logo and the blue-gray colors, we created the remaining collateral.

01. Understanding the Clients needs

Conversation with client about the brand and vision

02. Logo Idea generation

Brainstorming ideas and choice of logos, colors

03. Creating marketing collaterals

On selecting logo, creating marketing materials

04 . Delivery

On approval, deliver the full company brand guide along with additional deliverables such as website and social media posts.





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